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What is the area of a billboard?

In North America, "bulletins" are typically 14'x 48' = 672 square feet (on one face), but they are smaller in other places. Currently, four states- Vermont , Alaska , H (MORE)

Are digital billboards cheaper ads than standard billboards?

Digital billboards are typically about hte same in price as traditional vinyl static billboards. The reason being that on a digital billboard, although your ad is shown for ty (MORE)
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What are the pros to using mobile billboards?

Mobile billboards offer pros that other types of advertising do not. One advantage is that a mobile billboard is capable of reaching a small targeted audience in different reg (MORE)
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What is the purpose of billboards?

Billboards are meant to catch a person's attention while out and about, advertise products and businesses, and leave a memorable impression that will get a possible customer i (MORE)

Should Billboards be banned?

That is a question that has multiple sides to it.   One side of the matter is that billboards are distracting for drivers, and could cause more accidents on highways.   (MORE)

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