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What is a billy bankstowner?

The term Billy Bankstowner came about in the mid seventies when local Bankstown criminal recently released from a prison , was surrounded by local sharpies gang ,the Bankstown (MORE)
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What is billie jean about?

Michael Jackson wrote this song as a disclaimer of a child. A woman named Billie Jean had reported to media that her child was Michael Jackson's child, probably just for atten (MORE)

Who is Billy Joel?

  Billy Joel, formerly known as William Martin Joel, is a major recording artist, singer-songwriter, and musician. His most well-known hits include "Piano Man", "Just The (MORE)

Why is Billy Tea called Billy Tea?

Belly Tea   The term Billy Tea refers to tea brewed in a billy can, that is a small can, tin or pot used on a campfire for boiling water/tea etc. A common brand of tea (MORE)

Who was King Billy?

  King billy was a protestant king who ruled england. he was also know as king william, king of oranges.

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Who is Billy Unger?

He is Chase on lab rats, he is 18 years old, and he was on you again as marni's little brother. He was born in 1995.

Who is Billy Graham?

Billy Graham Is one of the best-known Christian evangelist of the 2oth century.The Reverend Billy Graham Played a significant part of the growth of evangelical Christianity in (MORE)

Who is Billy Preston?

He was a keyboard player who played on the Beatles album Let It Be, he passed away June 6, 2006
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Who is Billy Jack?

  A character in a movie put out in the 1970's. I believe he was an ex-green baret and then went into acting. Look up The Legend of Billy Jack.