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Who was Sandra Murray?

Sandra Murray, professor of cell biology and physiology, the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine, Pittsburgh PA. In 1999, Murray became the first African-American wo (MORE)

Why is Dennis Murray on Shepherds Chapel instead of Arnold Murray?

Previous answer ".....because Arnold Murray is taking a much  deserved break from the everyday broadcasting to do some  bulldozing, tractoring, and just general work on the (MORE)

Who was Murray Westgate?

  Murray Westgate is a Canadian actor whose likely greatest claim to fame is as spokeman for Imperial Oil, appearing for 17 years on Hockey Night In Canada on the CBC. He (MORE)

Who is older Andy Murray or Jamie Murray?

Jamie Murray is older than Andy Murray. Jamie Murray was born on 13  February 1986, and Andy Murray was born on 15 May 1987.
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Is the Murray River dangerous?

Any river can be dangerous to an inexperienced user. The Murray, like any river, can flood, but these floods do not happen unexpectedly. At these times, there are undercurrent (MORE)

How did the Murray Darling river get its name?

There is no such river as the Murray Darling River. The two rivers are quite separate and distinct, with the Darling a tributary of the Murray. The Darling River was named b (MORE)

Who is Andy Murray?

Murray is currently the UK's best ranked player, with a current world ranking of 4. This is his highest ranking ever. The last British player to rank anywhere near was Tim Hen (MORE)

Where is Murray Avenue?

There are numerous cities that include a Murray Avenue. Here are  some suggestions, but this is not an exhaustive, all-inclusive  list:   Non-US    Murray Avenue, (MORE)