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What are the factors affecting bioavailability of orally administered drug?

Many factors can contribute to affect the bioavailability of the orally administered drugs. Briefly, these includes gastric emptying rate, intestinal transit time, hepatic fir (MORE)

What is the bioavailability of Advil gel caps vs their regular pill?

While I am not intimate with the raw data for this, you can be certain that a major pharmaceutical firm would not provide pills or gel caps at the identical dose unless there (MORE)

Factors affecting bioavailability?

The absolute bioavailability of a drug, when administered by an extravascular route, is usually less than one (i.e. F higher nifedipine concentrations Individual Variation in (MORE)

How bioavailable and useful is TriCalcium Phosphate as a form of dietary Calcium in humans?

The design was randomized crossover, within-subject. The subjects were 25 healthy premenopausal women in an academic health sciences center. Two commercially marketed calcium- (MORE)

What is bioavailability of ethanol?

Ethanol is a form of alcohol. Bioavailability is the extent and rate of a subtance's entry into the body's circulation system, so bioavailability of ethanol refers to the exte (MORE)

What are bioavailability enhancers?

Pharamceutical agents which used in formulation to enhance the absorptuion of drug (through gastro intestinal tract) and hence its concentration in blood are called bioavailab (MORE)
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What is bioavailability as it applies to orally administered drugs?

In layman's terms, bio-availability applies to "how much of this drug, when administered orally, is actually absorbed?" I.e how much of the drug is "available" for the body to (MORE)