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What is biogas?

Biogas is usually methane which is collected from animal manure and other organic material which gives off methane as it decomposes anaerobically (that is, without air). I ( Full Answer )
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What are the barriers for biogas?

• Its hydrocarbon emissions are far lower than gasoline, with the exception of methane, in which case they're higher. • Again, like natural gas, on-board vehicle s ( Full Answer )
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How does biogas is prepared?

have some hose and dung from animal and some fart and capture it in a gas in the bottle and then light a bunsen burner and heat it until the bottle cover is completely off...
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Who was the inventor of biogas?

From historical point of view, the discovery of methane is attributed to the chemist, physiologist and family physician Jean Bapiste Van Helmont (1580-1644) and the physician ( Full Answer )
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What is the composition of biogas?

Methane-55 to 70% Carbon dioxide-30 to 45% Hydrogen sulphide-1 to 2% Nitrogen-0 to 1% Hydrogen-0 to 1% Carbon monoxide & Oxygen-Traces
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What is a biogas?

It is a gas produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of organic matter under anaerobic conditions. These materials include but are not limited to manure, sewage slu ( Full Answer )
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Who invented biogas?

Biogas were invented by Rupert Mitford. Biogas are gaseous fuels,like methan, that are produced by the fermentation of organicmatter.
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What are the problems of biogas?

The only problem with bio gas or so called gober gas is that of direct snatch from the corporate level LPG and other compressed gas selling companies, a big trial time for the ( Full Answer )
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What is the conclusion for biogas?

One of the main features of the potential benefits is that they are only valid undercertain conditions, for example one has to consider what type of fuel was used prior tothe ( Full Answer )