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What is the theory of biogenesis?

The theory of biogenesis is simply the idea that life is born from other life, as opposed to the theory of abiogensis, which states that life came about from non-life through (MORE)

What is membrane biogenesis?

Membrane bio- genesis is the process, when some proteins and lipids (produced in SER)help in building the cell membrane, inside a cell.
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Explain the theory of biogenesis?

The theory of Biogenesis basically states that living things only come from previously living things and in no other way. This theory is based on all that is demonstrable, obs (MORE)
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Who discovered Biogenesis?

Rudolf Birchow introduced the concept of biogenesis: living cells can arise only from preexisting cells (1858). . This came straight out of my Microbiology study guide by Bu (MORE)
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What is biogenesis theory of life?

Biogenesis is the idea that life (on Earth, typically) came from some other life, like how humans give birth. Usually people talk about Abiogenesis, which is currently the l (MORE)
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What is meant by spontaneous generation and biogenesis?

By asking the question, what is spontaneous generation, we are asking: can life generate itself from non-living matter? For centuries, at least back to the 4th century BC unti (MORE)