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How does bioluminescence work?

Answer . Bioluminescence generally works because of bacteria dwelling within the animal's body. For example, an anglerfish's lure is bioluminescent because of a specie of b (MORE)
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Where does Bioluminescence come from?

When the seal in the stick is broken, the two chemicals mix together and give off a soft, green glow. Most of the light created by marine organisms is blue-green in colour. Th (MORE)
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What is the purpose of bioluminescence?

Finding or attracting prey. Prey are attracted to the light in the same way that a fisherman might use a glowing lure for night fishing. Some fish use bioluminescence as a f (MORE)
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What is a bioluminescent organism?

A bioluminescent organism is one that can produce and emit light through a chemical reaction that converts chemical energy into light energy. Some examples of bioluminescent o (MORE)

What is bioluminescance?

Bioluminescance is an adaptation in deep-sea animals, that is, they can generate their own light with the help of some internal condition. For example, the Anglerfish, a deep- (MORE)

What is the point of bioluminescence?

The known uses of bioluminescence in nature are . camoulflage: marine animals hiding from animals below them might need to appear lighter in order to hide (counterilluminatio (MORE)

What are bioluminescent chemicals?

Bioluminescent chemicals are organic molecules that emit light (photons) under specific conditions that occur in the originating animal's natural habitat. Examples of this inc (MORE)