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Where does Bioluminescence come from?

When the seal in the stick is broken, the two chemicals mix together and give off a soft, green glow. Most of the light created by marine organisms is blue-green in colour. Th ( Full Answer )
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What is Bioluminescent organisms?

bioluminecent orginisms are oganisms that can create light using energy stored inside their body. kind of like glow worms.
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What does bioluminescence mean?

From my understanding, bioluminescence is an adaptation where living organisms emit a light for survival.. B.Maddox The biochemical emission of light by living organisms such ( Full Answer )
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What animal has bioluminescence?

A variety of arthropods and fish which have bioluminescence can be found at the related link below.
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What is bioluminescance?

Bioluminescance is an adaptation in deep-sea animals, that is, they can generate their own light with the help of some internal condition. For example, the Anglerfish, a deep- ( Full Answer )
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What are Bioluminescence bacteria?

Bioluminescent organisms are those that produce light. There arebioluminescent bacteria that live in the ocean like those in thegenera Vibrio and Photomicrobium.
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What are uses of bioluminescent?

\nDeep sea fishes like angler fish uses bioluminescence to attract prey\n. \nGlow worms use bioluminescence to attract prey\n. \nSquids confuse their enemies by throwing bio ( Full Answer )
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Is the sun bioluminescence?

No. The sun is not alive. The light of the sun is a result ofnuclear fusion.
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What are bioluminescent chemicals?

Bioluminescent chemicals are organic molecules that emit light (photons) under specific conditions that occur in the originating animal's natural habitat. Examples of this inc ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition to bioluminescent?

bioluminescent. Emission of visible light by living organisms suchas the firefly and various fish, fungi, and bacteria.