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What is Bioremediation?

Bioremediation uses living organisms to clean up contaminated soil or water. Despite its broad definition, bioremediation usually refers specifically to the use of microorgani ( Full Answer )
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What is a bioremediation?

the act of treating waste or pollutants by the use of microorganisms (as bacteria) that can break down the undesirable substances
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Why is bioremediation important?

Bioremediation is so important because it involves cleaning up thepollution that affects all forms of life. Living organisms requireclean air, water, and land to survive. Poll ( Full Answer )
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Example of bioremediation?

Bioremediation is defined as the use of microorganisms or otherlife to break down environmental pollutants. One example is the useof oyster mushrooms to clean up oil spills.
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What is the bioremediation process?

Bioremediation can be defined as any process that uses microorganisms, fungi, green plants or their enzymes to return the natural environment altered by contaminants to its or ( Full Answer )
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What is importance of bioremediation?

used to clean up hazardous waste from industries, farms, & cities. it also cleans up oil spills. Bioremediation is used to fightRemediates contaminants that are adsorbed o ( Full Answer )
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Does bioremediation work?

Yes, it does, it uses the bacteria, whose food is mainly oil, to uncontaminate an area. the bacteria eats hydrocarbons which makes up oil, and this is bioremediation..
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How can you get some bioremediation?

That is a very complicated questions because bioremediation has so many different meaning. For example, BioWorld Hydrocarbon Treatment is a form of bioremediation. They add ( Full Answer )
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Is bioremediation expensive?

Bio remediation is an inexpensive way to remove oil from water. This is because it is a natural way and does not require any technology to use. also it works the first time so ( Full Answer )
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What are the examples of bioremediation?

Bioremediation is defined as using biological organism to remove hazardous substances from an area Therefore, some examples of bioremediation include using living organism t ( Full Answer )