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Where can you get BIOS?

Answer . You can look online for the bios manufacturer and contact them directly for an upgrade to your bios. Many will sell an upgrade if you give a credit card number. Ma (MORE)

What is BIOS?

Answer . BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System. This is software usually housed on a read-only memory chip somewhere on your computer's motherboard(some computers today (MORE)

What is Bio-diversity?

Answer . Bio-diversity is the presence of a number of different interacting life forms in an eco-system.. There are pressures to reduce bio-diversity in the modern world. (MORE)

What is bio?

Not basically. Bio IS the study of living things. Bio is me I am the study of living things Basically bio is the study of living things.

What is the function of bios?

Basic Input Output System is a low level software that basically tells all the hardware how to communicate. It is independent of the operating system.
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What is a bio-sketch?

A biosketch is a brief summary of you or someone else's professional /educational accomplishments, publications, and affiliations.

What is bio-slender?

Bio-Slender is a natural supplement used for the treatment of Obesity and pre-obesity. The product is manufactured by Firstmed Pharma a small laboratory in Alabama. The capsul (MORE)