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What is bioterrorism?

The use of biological agents, such as pathogenic organisms or agricultural pests, for terrorist purposes. OR Terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare. OR ( Full Answer )
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What has Pakistan done in regards to bioterrorism?

Pakistan can only defend bio terrorism if it have bio detector or some new developmental techniques other wise it will face again and again the same problem
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What features of prokaryotes make them a pontential bioterrorism threat?

Pathogenic prokaryotes release toxins in the body or endospores in the body that leads to a homeostatic imbalance in the body causing disease and possibly death. Prokaryotes h ( Full Answer )
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Can people legally refuse bioterrorism vaccine from CDC?

Under the conditions of a legally DECLARED national health emergency, they may refuse, but they would be quarantined/interned in order to segregate them from the possibly infe ( Full Answer )
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What is the bioterrorism of ammonia?

Ammonia Nitrate is the comon indriguient for making explosives used by terrorist. Ammonia by itself can cause Environmental terrorism wich is the unlawful destruction of resou ( Full Answer )
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What universities have degrees in bioterrorism?

Some of the universities that have degrees in bioterrorism are University of West Florida and Saint Louis University School of Public Health. Bioterrorism programs are designe ( Full Answer )