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Is hair biotic?

It's abiotic. The roots are living, but the rest of the hair is  foccile.  +++   The roots are in tiny pits called "follicles" in the skin. Above  the root the hair is (MORE)
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Is snow biotic or a biotic?

Snow is abiotic. "a" means not or lacking and "bio" means life. Snow is not living, so it is abiotic.
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What is biotic weathering?

  Biotic Weathering   The word 'bio' means life. Thus biotic weathering is any type of weathering that is caused by living organisms. Most often the culprit of biotic (MORE)

What is biotic pollution?

This can basically be defined as the introduction of a foreign species into an area which it is not native to.These foreign species may deprive the native species of food, hab (MORE)
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What is Biotic?

biotic factors are living things in an ecosystem or biome like for a marine biome it would be animals plants and all that stuff abiotic thing are things that are not living (MORE)

How soil can be both biotic and a biotic?

soil can not be both biotic,or abiotic. Because "biotic" means "living,or alive" And abiotic means "dead,or not alive" Therefore,soil can only be "abiotic" because it's not li (MORE)

Are insects biotic?

  Yes, insects are biotic, meaning they can live. When something is not biotic, or abiotic, it is a non-living thing.
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Is mold biotic?

Yes, mold is biotic because it is a living thing. It is a type of fungi.
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