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What does a bird do?

i tell you what a bird is a bird is Celine whateva her second name is if she can afoord one oh wait i remember her family is a reart and a loser
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What do birds do?

"Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly" Well most birds do. They eat, sleep, and reproduce. Some sing, some build nests, some migrate for the winter.
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What is bird can do?

Birds are like water. Since water is invisible it is extremely hard for scientists to fully explain water. "What is water?" we just don't know. While water is part of the p (MORE)

What do bird do?

bird likes to fly, eat, and make sound like sing, calling other bird .
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What birds are there?

well there are a lot . Red-throated Loon . Pacific Loon . Common Loon . Yellow-billed Loon . Pied-billed Grebe . Horned Grebe . Red-necked Grebe . Eared Grebe . W (MORE)
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How is it a bird?

Judging from the category this question is in, you are asking "How is a hummingbird a bird?". A hummingbird is a bird because it has feathers and a beak.
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What can bird do?

a bird can fly and eat and "talk" to other birds and reproduce and this is, no offense, a pretty dumb question because it is just common sense
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Can you be a bird?

It is highly unlikely that you can be a bird, unless you were bornwith wings and feathers. But by all means, you're welcome to hire a bird costume and pretendto be one. Just (MORE)

What do the birds do?

They fly, flap their wings and eat seed, nuts or fruit. They also tweet, chirp, build nests and lay eggs. They also provide your Christmas meal, your Thanksgiving meal andyour (MORE)