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The tame bird and the free bird?

The tame bird was in a cage; the free bird was in the forest. They met when the time came; it was a decree of fate. The free bird cries. "Oh my love, let us fly to the woo (MORE)

What birds can get bird flu?

All known subtypes of influenza A viruses circulate among wild  birds, which are the natural hosts for influenza A viruses. H5N1 a  subtype of influenza A viruses affects bi (MORE)

Which bird is known as painted bird?

Painted bunting? Passerina ciris   Painted stork? Mycteria leucodephala   Painted quail? Coturnix chinensis   Painted sandgrouse? Pterocles indicus   Painted snipe (MORE)

What type of bird is the Angry Birds?

Red Bird Big Red Bird Black Bird: a bomb Green Bird: a boomerang Yellow Bird: a strong, speedy bird White Bird: lays an egg Blue Bird: transforms to three birds o (MORE)

How do you tell if a bird has bird flu?

It sneezes a lot. Bird flu can often fly right under the radar. Its important to check regularily with your vet to talk about prevention methods and to make sure your bird is (MORE)

A flock of birds is or a flock of birds are?

In US English, because you are referring to the flock, which is singular, it would be : The flock of birds IS... In British English you would normally say: The flock of bird (MORE)
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Which bird is relative of dodo bird?

The Aphanapteryx is a highly close relative of the Dodo bird. Not only because it comes from the same family but it also; only existed on Mauritius Island, was a flightless bi (MORE)

Who is the strongest bird in Angry Birds?

I would say black bird is the strongest because it is capable of the most destruction.
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What birds are there?

well there are a lot Red-throated LoonPacific LoonCommon LoonYellow-billed LoonPied-billed Grebe Horned GrebeRed-necked GrebeEared GrebeWestern GrebeClark's GrebeBlack-foote (MORE)