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How do you keep birds away?

With a good hideout and a shot gun!. Answer . It is difficult to permanently keep birds out of your back yard, but some people have been successful for short periods of ti ( Full Answer )
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How do you keep birds out of trees?

you can only spray poison thingys or you will have to cut down the tree or kill the bird (which is illegal)>
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How do you keep birds out of tree?

You can try handing aluminum pie plates so the reflecting light scares them. Hang a couple close enough together so they "bang" when the touch in the wind and the noise will s ( Full Answer )
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How do you keep birds away from your deck?

Place bird feeders on your property, but far away from your deck.You can also purchase holographic, crinkly ribbons that move in thewind and scare away birds to place on or ne ( Full Answer )
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How do you keep birds safe from cats?

Keep the cat in another place or keep the bird in a place the cat can't reach it. Also remember cats can climb very well . I think the question refers to wild birds. In that ( Full Answer )
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Does feathers keep bird warm?

Yes, very much so. Feathers come in three general varieties: 1. Flight feathers, 2. Plumage or ornamental feathers, 3. Down The feathers underneath the flight feathers keep t ( Full Answer )
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Can you keep a baby bird?

Only if you get one from a pet store can you keep a baby bird ,but not a wild one.
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What can you keep birds in?

well i can tell you ya cant put them in an aquariam most likely anything unless they can breathe