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What shire is Birmingham in?

It used to be in Warwickshire, but is now officially part of a county of its own. The West Midlands county (which has no county council) includes Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Wa (MORE)

How do you spell Birmingham?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun, Birmingham (cities in Alabama and in England).
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Does Birmingham have a port?

Yes, an inland port.Manchester and various other cities in the UK it has a canal linking it to the sea via the Severn estuary
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What shops are there in Birmingham?

In Birmigham they have the same shops as they do in the est of great Britain e.g New Look, Next, Marks and Spencer's, Bank, International, JD etc.
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Where is Birmingham?

    You could say it is located 120 miles North North West of London.  
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Hertford to Birmingham?

The distance between Hertford to Birmingham in the United Kingdom  is 111 miles. This takes an approximate 2 hours to drive this  distance by car.
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What is the postal code of birmingham in the uk?

Birmingham, UK doesn't have just one postal code !  Each UK postal code only applies to a small number of properties -  typically up to ten buildings ! You would need to  p (MORE)