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How long to drive from Toronto to Birmingham Alabama?

The driving distance between Birmingham, AL and Toronto, ON, Canada is approximately 970 miles. The driving time would be approximately 15 hours 45 minutes if you were to trav (MORE)

How far is the University of Alabama from the Birmingham airport?

7.5 miles taking this route: EXIT the airport and follow signs to I-20 WEST/I-59 SOUTH.Take I-20/I-59 to U.S. 31/U.S. 280 at EXIT 126A.Follow U.S. 31 SOUTH/U.S. 280 EAST to 8t (MORE)

How far is it from Birmingham Alabama to Talladega Alabama?

54 miles if you are talking about the town itself. 46 miles if you  are talking about the speedway. Here is the route: Take I-20 EAST  to AL-77 to TALLADEGA and LINCOLN at E (MORE)

What is the driving time to Montgomery Alabama to Birmingham Alabama?

The approximate driving time and  mileage information -    Between: Birmingham, AL  and: Montgomery, AL  Driving miles: 92  Driving time: 90 mins  - is based on tra (MORE)