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Does birth hurt?

yes birth etremily hurts some people even die from birth .But most people survive birth only if something is wrong or your not feeling good or something bad you may not surviv (MORE)

What is birth?

Birth is when a woman has a baby. A baby is made when a man's erect penis has entered the woman's vagina and he releases sperm to one of her eggs wich forms a baby. She eithe (MORE)

What is the after birth?

  The "after-birth" refers to the placenta, which is delivered 10-30 min after delivery of the baby. The placenta serves as the nutrient source for the baby in utero, so a (MORE)

Is a premature birth a birth defect?

not really, there is a chance that the baby could have a defect but that can happen to even a baby that was born on time. Premature birth means that the baby was born early, t (MORE)

Why do you have birth?

When your parent want to have a child that is called birth it is another word forbeing born when your born people could say "you've given birth to a baby" so birth is a would (MORE)

What is a birth ceremony?

Jātakarman (literally, natal rites) is believed to be good for the development of the intellect of the child. When a male child is born, the ritual connected with birth is pe (MORE)

Where can you get your birth certificate from?

In most cases, you get it from the city where you were born: you can go to city hall and pay for a certified copy, or some states have a form you can fill out online. I enclos (MORE)

What is size at birth?

You need to clearify your question because diffrent animals are diffrent sizes at birth and even in species or specific types the babies can still be born diffrent sizes and w (MORE)