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What is a bistable pneumatic valve?

A Bistable Pneumatic Valve is typically a pilot valve that is a 3 ported 2 position detented valve. The valve retains is position during loss of power. this can be accomplis (MORE)

What is the application of bistable multivibrator?

1. It is used for the performance of many digital operations such as counting and storing binary information.. 2. It is also used in the generation and processing of pulse-ty (MORE)

What is a bistable device?

A bistable device is the foundation of digital electronics. A bistable device is a device that can exist in one of two possible states,which could either be on or off. .
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What is a bistable wave?

Bistable wave is a one-dimensional wave whose profile connects two stable equilibria asymptotically approaching one of them at minus infinity and the other one at infinity. In (MORE)
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Self electro optic effect in optical bistable device?

    SEED, an optically bistable device used for photonic   switching, constructed of a multiple quantum well biased by an external   voltage, which creates an ex (MORE)

Use commutating capacitor for bistable multivibrator?

it is about thefiltering of the ac signal from the circuit. when transistor2 switched on, collector terminal is suddenly shorted to ground and voltage at collector2 drops to v (MORE)

What are the differences between monostable and bistable multivibrators?

The bistable multivibrator, or flip-flop, will stay in one or the other state indefinitely, until it is told to change state.  The monostable (or astable) multivibrator, or o (MORE)

Bistable multivibrator in place of monostable?

No, cant use bistable multivibrator in place of monostable multivibrator... because monostable is meant for one stable state and one unstable state.. so there will be a consta (MORE)
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What are the example of bistable device?

light bulb and television. These are considered to be bistable devices because they can only be in 2 states. It's either they are on or they are off.

How does schmitt trigger differ from bistable multivibrator?

Schmitt trigger refers to an input hysteresis mechanism to improve the noise tolerance of a digital input, preventing glitch generation or false triggering on outputs. A bist (MORE)