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What are bitches?

Bitches are female dogs. The word may also be used in an offensive way to describe a femaleperson, but this is not the true or original meaning.
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What is a 'bitch fit'?

A ' bitch fit' is a derogatory term used to describe a female who is upset and has a sudden outburst of emotion and freaks out. I would refrain from using this term, especi ( Full Answer )
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What rhymes with bitches?

ditches glitches itches light switches Snitches stitches twitches witches "snitches are bitches who will fall in ditches with stitches" :)
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Why do bitches hate?

Unless they were treated most cruelly, it would be very unusual fora female dog to hate.
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Where can you buy bitches?

You can contact a reputable dog breeder to buy a female dog. Or, you can adopt a female dog that needs a good home.
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What is a collie bitch?

It is a female collie, old enough and able to mate. All female canines that can mate are known as bitches
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Why are sisters bitches?

First, while I don't know the sister of the person who asked this question, I'm sure she would not like to be called a word that is considered a rude name for a female. That s ( Full Answer )
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What do you do when your mom is bitching out?

this happens to me what i do is ignore her by going on with my normal activities (but don't do it rudely like walk out of the room and stuff) and then scream in my pillow whe ( Full Answer )
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Where do you find bitches?

You can find female dogs: . as strays living on the streets, often in fields or under bridges . in rescue centers . in kennels . at a breeder . at friends' houses who l ( Full Answer )
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How can you get bitches?

To get bitches, you could do the following: . Ask friends to see if they know anyone whose dog just had female puppies in the litter. . Check dog shelters for puppies or a ( Full Answer )