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Why do hamsters bite?

Hamsters bite when they feel threatened. Usually they will warm up to you and become used to your voice, it takes a few days or sometimes a few weeks. If your hamster is bitin (MORE)

Can snails bite?

yes, otherwise they couldn't eat, but if you mean can they bite people, You can feel a snails bite. But it can't do any damage due to the lack of jaw strength.
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What do you do when a wasp bites you?

First, wasps don't bite, they sting and inject venom; that's why it hurts so much. Putting ice on the sting will help with swelling, but you want to wrap the ice because put (MORE)
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How do they bite?

They bite by gripping with the jaws and cutting or tearing off with the teeth.
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Can clams bite?

clams will not bite, but they may close up on you. So dont put your fingers in them. I own clams and they can close very quickly if something (E.G: fish) brushes past them. th (MORE)

Does a weta bite?

A weta does bite, and it is painful but not common.They can cause rare infectins in the area you have gotten bit in and you would need to see a doctor to get it cured
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Why does my cat bite?

well, often a cat will get irritated and it takes its anger out by biting, that is the only way it knows how to express its feelings, but if your cat doent usually act like th (MORE)

What do you do when a bee bites you?

Bees don't bite, they sting (the other end of the body). Because a stinger can continue injecting venom for up to a minute, the most important thing is to remove the sting a (MORE)

Can hamsters bite?

Yes, hamster have VERY sharp teeth that can cause serious bleeding. If you happen to get a hamster bite, disenfect it and wrap a piece of cloth tightly around it to stop any b (MORE)
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Birds that does not bite?

Generally speaking, all birds bite. It is a natural instinct. Lacking hands, they use their beaks for exploring, locomotion and protection. When owning a pet parrot, it is imp (MORE)