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What makes bitter melon bitter?

Sugar is the basic food that gives energy to humans. We feel it sweet because that is the mapping that our brain has given to it since it is the basic food giving us energy. B (MORE)

What rhymes with bitter?

Here's just a few: critter, fitter, glitter, knitter, litter, quitter, sitter Here's a link to an online rhyming dictionary, which also does other cool stuff besides findin (MORE)

Is turmeric bitter?

Type your answer here... Yes, turmeric is bitter. It should be primarily used as a colorant in cooking but it does impart a slight flavor

Is bitter a noun?

Yes, the word 'bitter' is a noun , a singular,common, concrete noun; a word for a sharp-tasting beer made withhops; and the plural form, 'bitters' is a word for an alcoholicl (MORE)

What are synonyms for bitterness?

resentment, hostility, indignation, animosity, acrimony, rancour, ill feeling, bad blood, sourness, acidity, sharpness, tartness, acerbity
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Can cornstarch be bitter?

If cornstarch isn't cooked out it can indeed leave a bitter flavor behind. It depends on what you're making really.
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What is the adverb for bitter?

The word bitter is an adjective (and in another context a noun).The adverb form is bitterly .
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