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Why is coffee bitter?

Coffee's bitterness can be directly linked to over extraction, or  letting it brew and steep for too long. Wrong grind size, water  that is too hot, and dirty equipment are (MORE)
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What is a dash of bitters?

A dash of bitters is always inexact, and given the potency of bitters, that may seem to be a problem. Nevertheless, it is one quick uppending of a bitters bottle with its spec (MORE)

Is turmeric bitter?

Type your answer here... Yes, turmeric is bitter. It should be primarily used as a colorant in cooking but it does impart a slight flavor

Can an apple be bitter?

  a non commercial veriety can be and if so its probably due to cyanide so dont eat it. or it may have a rotton core (a storage disease).   either way, if its bitter th (MORE)

What is the noun for bitter?

The word 'bitter' is a noun form as a word for a beer thatis strongly flavored with hops; a word for a thing. . The plural form 'bitters' is an uncountable noun as aword (MORE)

What is bitter fruit?

A Lemon is a bitter fruit. Grapefruit is another bitter fruit. ------------------------------------------------------------ BITTER is that the KARELA (bitter melon), the m (MORE)

Why is cucumber bitter?

I eat cucumbers and don't find them bitter. Some people find the  cucumber peel bitter, but it depends on the type of cucumber and  how long you let it grow how strong the b (MORE)