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What is the use of Bitwise operators?

Answer . The bitwise operators treat a number as its binary equivalent rather than as a simple boolean value. For most programming languages, a value of zero is considered F (MORE)
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How do you use bitwise operators in C?

void main() { unsigned int word1 = 077u, word2 = 0150u, word3 = 0210u; printf ("%o ", word1 & word2); printf ("%o ", word1 & word1); printf ("%o ", word1 & word2 & wor (MORE)
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How do you Nibble swap using bitwise operators?

If i is an unsigned char (1 byte unsigned integer) then: i (i > 4); If you know how to write inline assembly on your compiler (it differs between compilers), then rotatin (MORE)
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A c program using bitwise or?

... is possible to write, eg: int main (void) { . int a=0xE8, b=0xC4; printf ("%x | %x = %x\n", a, b, a|b); return 0; .
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What is the definition of bitwise?

Bitwise operations are those that operate on one or more bits of data, as opposed to larger units of data. For example, in C++, there are the bitwise operators "^" (exclusive (MORE)
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What is the bitwise OR of 35 with 7 in C?

35 OR 7 is 39. To see how this works, write the values in binary, one directlyabove the other: 00100011 (35) 00000111 (7) Each column provides the two input operands for the (MORE)
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What is the significance of the bitwise operators in C?

The C bitwise operators allow programmers to operate upon theindividual bits within a bit pattern of integral type. The bitwiseshift operators (>) allow the programmer toshift (MORE)