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How does a bivalve eat?

They use cilia to pull water into the shells and over their gills, which are covered with a thick mucus lining. Small organisms and organic material that have been floating in (MORE)

What are bivalves?

Answer . Bivalves are mollusks belonging to the class Bivalvia . They typically have two-part shells , with both valves being symmetrical along the hinge line. The c (MORE)

What eats bivalves?

Humans and some sea animals eat bivalves. Bivalves are marineanimals such as clams, scallops, oysters as well as mussels.

Are bivalves sessile?

Some are, some are not. Most mussels attach to rocks and do not move. Some kinds of scallops can move by clapping the shells together.

Where do bivalves live?

All bivalves need fresh or sea water to breathe, reproduce, and feed. Ocean-dwelling species are found from the seashore to deep-sea habitats. However, the Australian Enigmon (MORE)

How do bivalves burrow?

Burrowing in bivalves involves foot,shell and siphons. These which operate in sequence to bring about downward movement. 1. The foot first extends downwards in a probing moti (MORE)