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What is the diffenece between biweekly and bimonthly?

Bi-weekly is every two weeks and bi-monthly is two payments every month. Because most months are more than 4 weeks the bi-weekly payment amounts to an extra payment over the (MORE)
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How do you use biweekly in a sentence?

The company will prepare biweekly reports so the CEO can see financial basis on a regular basis. Biweekly means every other week.
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What is 16.00 biweekly?

It is: 32.00 a week 4.57 a day or 128.00 a month 1536.00 a year
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What does is mean to be paid biweekly?

"Getting paid ""bi-weekly"" means that one receives a paycheck every two weeks. Given that some companies pay their bi-weekly employees on the 1st and 15th of every month, how (MORE)
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Is biweekly a noun?

No, the word biweekly is an adjective, a word that describes a noun, for example a biweekly meeting, a biweekly schedule.
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How many biweekly are in the year 2016?

Biweekly is an ambiguous term : it can mean once every two weeks or twice a week! Consequently there are 26 biweeklies in 2016 or 104 of them.