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What is the prefix of bizarre?

Bizarre' in fact has no prefix, although a quick glance suggeststhat it can be etymologically divided into 'bi' and 'zarre.'Instead, however, it entered into English from Fren ( Full Answer )
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What are some bizarre Bible stories?

Look at chapter one of Ezekiel, or sample the old Folk song..(and Ezekiel saw a WHEEL! way up up in the middle of the air, And Ezekiel saw a WHEEELL way up..Yes, Biblical U.f. ( Full Answer )
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Who is in cinema bizarre?

Strify (Jack Strify) - singer Yu Pheonix- guitar Kiro (Carsten Schaefer) - bass Shin (Marchel Gothow)- drums Romeo (Rom3o Nightingale)- keyboard
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What is the definition of bizarre?

Fantastic, violently contrasting . Conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual to be crazy and/or insane
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When did bizarre die?

It dies when it is needed to die (they die 1 minute after they are borned)
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Who sang how bizarre?

"How Bizarre" is the debut single of New Zealand musical group OMC. OMC stands for 'Otara Millionaire's Club' (Otara being the suburb of South Auckland where they come from) a ( Full Answer )
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Bizarre in a sentence?

It was a very bizarre turn of events when we found out that Luke was actually a Russian spy here on a mission to kill us all. And we thought he was our friend! :( lol. Ther ( Full Answer )
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Do Cinema Bizarre Have Twitters?

Yes, they do. Their usernames are as follows: Yu - @gogumba Romeo - @Heromancer Kiro - @CarstenSchaefer Shin - @MarcelGothow Strify - @jackestrify
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Is bizarre a noun?

No bizarre is not a noun. A noun is a person place or thing. Bizarre is an adjective. An adjective is a word used to describe a noun.
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Is Lady Gaga bizarre or what?

No, she is a normal New York girl who enjoys getting hot dogs from street vendors and going to baseball games. She also loves high fashion and haute couture, which sometimes c ( Full Answer )