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What is RK Narayan's achievements?

Achievementsv He won the National prize of the Indian Literacy Academy.vIn 1965 he won the National Association of Independent Schools award. vHe was nominated for the Nobel P (MORE)

Do bjs wholesale accept ebt foodstamps?

They have begun accepting EBT Foodstamps as a form of payment at all of their locations...and if you still want to check you can always just call your local BJs to check.

Summary of the missing mail-rk narayan?

The story belongs to the imaginary town of Malgudi where lives Ramanujam, a senior clerk in Revenue Department, and lives Thanappa , the postman of the town who is a very cari (MORE)
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What is the Plot of Like The sun by RK Narayan?

Sekhar, a teacher, is thinking about truth. He feels that truth is like the sun—you cannot look at it directly. He believes that people spend their lives avoiding truth. Se (MORE)

What is the summary of the trail of the green blazer by rk narayan?

"Trail of the Green Blazer" by R.K Narayan is a story about the  life of a pickpocket named Raju. When Raju pickpockets a man in a  green jacket at a fair his life changes. (MORE)

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