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How can you be black?

One is either black or they are not; you cannot be black if you aren't and can't simply become black with actions or words.
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Who are blacks?

In the US, "black" is a culture, an ethnic experience, and a race. The black culture is based partly on slavery tradition, ethnic Christianity, and circumstance. There are com ( Full Answer )
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In the black?

Having more money than you owe. If you have less than you owe then you're in the red. Banks used black ink for positive entries and red ink for negative entries in the ledg ( Full Answer )
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How black can black get?

Perfect black would be the inability for any light at all to reflect off the surface. A black hole is black because light cannot escape the gravitational pull.
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What is a black out?

A black out is when lights in a certain area go out. For example, lets say that all the people in you're neighborhood got hit by a giant hurricane and all the lights go off an ( Full Answer )
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How black can you get?

You cannot get black, but are born that color or not. People can have very dark skin color, just as people can have very light and pale skin color; humans range in various sha ( Full Answer )
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Why am I black?

ANSWER: Skin color is genetic. Different skin tones have developed as a response to the climate where certain groups of people lived and evolved. Generally, darker skin is a ( Full Answer )
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What is blacking out?

Blacking out is when you either pass out and cannot remember what happened, or you get extremely close to passing out, causing your vision to go black due to the lack of blood ( Full Answer )
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What to do if you are blacking out?

Try to call 911 and then make sure you land on something soft and hope for the best.
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What is blackness to you?

well i am an albino so i cant answer this for you but if you look at the site below it will improve your answer