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Are black bears always black?

No (like most creatures they can suffer from Albinism)   Black Bears come in a variety of colors. Black, Cinnamon (brown), White (not albino, though they do come in albino (MORE)

How did the black black death come?

The Black Death arrived in Europe around the 1320's. People traveled by sailing at the time, and those who traded or traveled caught the disease from infected rats that were a (MORE)

Why are black holes black?

A black hole is called a black hole because due to its density  and therefore intense gravity, nothing, not even light, can escape  it. Though it has extreme mass, it is not (MORE)

How are black people black?

Skin color is determined by a chemical in the skin called Melanin. This is a pigment that protects the skin from UV rays. The higher concentration of Melanin people have, the (MORE)

Why are black diamonds black?

According to Wikipedia: "Carbonado diamonds are typically pea-sized or larger porous aggregates of many tiny black [carbon] crystals." This means that black diamonds are b (MORE)

Why is the black Madonna black?

When St. Helen found the painting (about 300 years after it was painted) she gave it to her son Constantine. He built a shrine in Constantinople and put the painting there. (MORE)

Are black people's ghost black?

black people's ghosts are actually a chocolaty shade of brown, often indistinguishable from normal black people. but as everyone knows the black ghosts have a weakness to salt (MORE)

Why whites are white and blacks black?

It is an adaptation to sunlight intensity, the risk of  sunburn, and the need to manufacture vitamin D in the  skin with the help of sunlight.    In Africa where mode (MORE)