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Do electron holes literally move?

This is a very good question, that is not easy to answer. That is because a "hole" is a imaginary particle, a concept, with some special characteristics. Here you'll find the (MORE)

Where is a black hole?

Black holes can be found anywhere a massive star existed. Most, if not all, galaxies have a supermassive black hole at their centre, and there are a number of stellar black (MORE)

Is a black hole really black?

A black hole appears black because not even light can escape the gravity of the hole. So it looks black, as there is no light coming off of it. More answers:A black hole is no (MORE)

Can a black hole eat a black hole?

Theoretically a black hole can merge with another black hole if they come close enough to each other.Note: There is no real empirical evidence that Black Holes have grown or (MORE)

Is a black hole a hole in space?

Partially true. A black hole is formed when stars of certain types near the end of their lives and end up forming a supernova. When their mass is large enough, the rapid expa (MORE)
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How are the electron holes in the molecules filled?

first, the electron holes are filled with electron guillotine called flumenya, then the air absorbs the flumenya creating a hard substance called tiddita
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Why are black holes black?

A black hole is called a black hole because due to its density  and therefore intense gravity, nothing, not even light, can escape  it. Though it has extreme mass, it is not (MORE)
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What will happen if a black hole swallow another black hole?

Since mass is conserved, if one black hole merged with another, a  new larger black hole would form whose mass would be the sum of  those of the two original black holes. In (MORE)

Is a black hole a hole or an object?

A black hole is an object or what remains of an object that has  completely collapsed under the force of gravity. The distortion of  spacetime is so great that within a cert (MORE)