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Why do all blacks where tape on there legs?

It you are referring to some of the forwards with tape set above the need on both legs - These are normally the nominated line jumpers. When muscle liniment is rubbed on the l (MORE)

What is black leg in horses?

Blackleg is a bacteria causing spore that can infect some pastures. If the horse (or other cattle) ingests it or gets it in a wound, it can quickly become fatal. The animal ca (MORE)
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Can you bleach black leg hair?

Yes you can. Its going to be unnoticeable and you'll have flawless  legs .A really good bleach for hair removal is "JOLEN". Found in  any pharmacy or grocery store. You can (MORE)
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What is the black tape on gareth bales legs?

The black tape worn by Gareth Bale is in fact kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape is similar to athletic tape, except it allows more freedom of motion without restricting muscl (MORE)

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