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Benefits of black tea?

Drinking black tea can make you feel more alert and speed your  heart rate because of the caffeine it contains. Other benefits of  drinking black tea regularly include that (MORE)

Does black tea help sunburns?

Absolutely! The tannic acid in Black Tea helps relieve the pain, as well as the tea itself helping to soothe and cool the skin. You can apply it, and let it dry and soak into (MORE)
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Is black tea acidic or alkaline?

Black tea is mildly acidic, more acidic than milk or water, but less so than typical fruit juices, and much less than soda. The acidity of black tea is within the normal ran (MORE)

What is the differences between black tea green tea white tea and oolong tea?

The beverage we have commonly come to call tea is the result of steeping the leaves of the tea tree (Camelia sinensis) in boiling water. All teas are from this common plant, i (MORE)

Is liptons black tea their regular tea or is it a special tea?

Lipton's Black Tea is indeed their "regular tea". When people say "Lipton Tea", they usually are referring to Lipton's basic black tea. The commercial description of this tea (MORE)

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Is regular tea black tea?

Yes, You can drink 2 or 3 times in a day as well as you will get the protein your body. When you are devouring tea particularly for weight reduction you will most likely ought (MORE)

How is white tea green tea and black tea different?

White tea, It has been shown to protect animals from certain pathogenic bacteria. Green tea assists in weight loss and diabetes control, stops liver disease, tooth decay and i (MORE)