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What does a blackberry do?

A BlackBerry is a smartphone that can access the internet and e-mail. It can also run a variety of PDA functions, such as a calandar, synchronization with a PC, can get intern (MORE)

What can a blackberry do?

you can go on the internet if you have the service. you can text message, call. kinda of just like a regular cell phone.

Who is Blackberry?

Blackberry is a very popular type of mobile phone. It is mainly used for office work. But if u want to have one you can buy it.I prefer IPHONE3gS.That's cool!!

Does blackberry curve have blackberry messenger?

Yes, all blackberry's come with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) If you choose to delete it, you can either head into the BlackBerry App World, or go into options>device>application (MORE)

What does the blackberry have?

The blackberry has these features: Blackberry messenger E-mails SMS Play/pause,next song, back song buttons on the top (on the curve models) LED light App store Trackpad/roll (MORE)