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Why are blackboards green?

At its inception, blackboards were only black. Although many now are green, the name still sticks. It's just like a permanent resident's ID card, called the "green card." It's (MORE)

How to you clean a blackboard?

Use a wet towel or sponge. put a few drops of detergent in the water. After the (slate0 board is dry, chalk it by rubbing the side of a stick of chalk all over it then erase i (MORE)

How do you refurbish blackboards?

To re-finish a slate blackboard that has been gouged and scratched you will need to balance your expectations with the amount of work you will need to do to get a good flat, s (MORE)
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What is operation blackboard?

Operation Blackboard is a centrally sponsored programme which was started in 1987 immediately after the Rajiv Gandhi NPE of 1986 was released to supply the bare minimum crucia (MORE)
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Why is the blackboard a solid?

Because solids work better than a liquids for the purpose of displaying information vertically. The molecules of the blackboard are rather tightly bound to each other and st (MORE)
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What is a blackboard chalk?

Blackboard chalk is natural white chalk that has been ground up andthen processed into short rods that is then used to write or drawon a blackboard - usually in a school, or a (MORE)