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Is blackboard a noun or a verb?

The word 'blackboard' is a noun, a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a thing. A verb is a word that describes an action (run, walk, etc), a state of being (exist, (MORE)
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Why is a blackboard green?

In recent years, green colored boards have largely replaced blackboards. Studies reveal that green color relaxes the eyes and prevents fatigue. Furthermore, the human eye is h (MORE)

How do you refurbish blackboards?

To re-finish a slate blackboard that has been gouged and scratched you will need to balance your expectations with the amount of work you will need to do to get a good flat, s (MORE)
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Why the blackboard called a blackboard if the color of the board is green?

Originally they were made of thin sheets of a type of rock known asslate- which is very dark gray (black) in color. Later they used aman manmade material that was lighter and (MORE)

What rock is used for blackboards?

Blackboards were originally made of slate. Modern "blackboards" are white and are made of synthetic materials.
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What is the width of a blackboard?

Blackboards are different sizes. You need to measure the particular  blackboard with a ruler or tape measure to get the width. The width  is the shorter side (the length is (MORE)