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Bladder cancer infertility in men and women?

  Bladder cancer is cancer affecting the urinary bladder. Bladder cancer is a fairly common form of cancer and men are affected two to three times more than women. Most bl (MORE)

Why do people get bladder cancer?

Cancer in general is caused when a cell "becomes crazed" and continues to divide without stopping. Cancer occurs in your body everyday but your (immune system?) usually detect (MORE)

What happens in final stages of bladder cancer?

Everyone will respond differently. But physically most will experience blood in the urine this is often times painless. Some will experience lower back pain. The blood will in (MORE)

What are Survival rates for bladder cancer?

bladder cancer has a very good survival rate. if the cancer is discovered early than the survival rate or five years is 94%. this is very good compared to other cancers we kno (MORE)

How long someone is expected to live with bladder cancer?

That depends on the type of cancer and how far it has spread. If  the cancerous cells are contained inside the lining of the bladder,  most people don't die as a result of t (MORE)