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Who was blaise pascal married to?

After many research I've come to think that Blaise Pascal was married to Antoinette Arnold. I had to figure this out for a school project, and most of other answers say he was (MORE)
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What illness did blaise pascal die from?

Blaise Pascal ( June 19, 1623 to August 19, 1662). Speculation is tuberculosis, stomach cancer or a combination of the two. The headaches are speculation of brain lesions.
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When did blaise pascal make Abacus?

The ancient Romans developed an Abacus. Blaise Pascal, however, was  a French mathematical genius, and at the age of 19, he invented a  machine, called the Pascaline, that c (MORE)
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What was Blaise Pascals main achievement?

Blaise Pascal Accomplishments - His Revelation It was at this moment that Pascal knew it wasn't enough to know about God or debate his existence with the finest thinkers in t (MORE)
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Where did Blaise Pascal grow up?

He was born in Clermont-Ferrand and stayed there until age 8, then his family moved to Paris.
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Why is Blaise Pascal famous?

Pascal created his Pascaline, or mechanical calculator, at the age  of 21. The boxy machine used a system of gears, numbered discs, and  wheels to conduct calculations. It c (MORE)