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What do you do if you get bleach on you?

Wash with soap and water and you'll be fine. If you leave it on your skin, you could get a chemical burn.
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Why is the anime Bleach called Bleach?

Tite Kubo, the creator of bleach, gave three reasons to calling it that. One, as the soul reapers cleanse souls, it's like they are "bleaching" their souls. Like how bleachi (MORE)

How does bleach bleach?

Bleach is a fairly common word which is used to describe a range of different things. Some forms of bleach and the household bleach that you put down the loo and stuff has usu (MORE)
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How do you get bleach out of your hair after you bleached it?

Bleach is the process of whitening hair through oxidation. Bleaching your hair is permanent and is not a color you can wash out. You can wait until it grows out, or dye it ano (MORE)

What is bleach about?

Bleach is about a high school student name Ichigo, who has the ability to see spirits. Through a series of evens, he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper: souls that battle Hollows- evi (MORE)
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How do you bleach your hair with Clorox bleach?

Don't do it! If you bleach your hair with Clorox, your hair will completely fall out. It's not the correct bleach to use. I suggest to get a box bleach (you can get at any dr (MORE)