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Date of bleeding Kansas?

Bleeding Kansas, also known as the Border War, took place from 1854  to 1861. It involved the states of Kansas and Missouri.
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Why was Kansas once called bleeding Kansas?

Because when Kansas was chosen to be a state to choose its laws  about slavery the people from the south and north went there to try  to make it a slave or free state, then (MORE)

How did north feel about bleeding Kansas?

They were disappointed that the experiment with putting slavery to the vote seemed to be causing violence, and they blamed the South for sending ruffians into Kansas to intimi (MORE)

Why was Kansas called the Bleeding Kansas?

Following the passage of the Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854,  Abolitionists from the New England states flocked to Kansas to try  and see to it that the Kansas territory entere (MORE)

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Why was Kansas referred to as bleeding Kansas In the 1850s?

Because of what happened when Kansas became the first new state where the slavery issue was put to a local vote. Every bully-boy in America (from both sides) descended on this (MORE)

Why did the bleeding Kansas start?

When Kansas decided to become part of the U.S.A. it was given the decision to become a slave state of a state that was free to slaves. When it came time to vote, the Southern (MORE)

What is Bleeding Kansas of 1856 about?

This was the terrorist campaign caused by the mistaken idea of letting each new state vote on whether to be slave or free. When Kansas became the first state to vote, all the (MORE)