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What blender is the strongest?

I was in the bar business for more than five years and commercial blenders are definitely the strongest. Bars and restaurants use them because they can handle a high volume of (MORE)

Does blender have viruses?

if you mean blender 3D and you donwload from mirror the no it will not have a bug, i scanned it with a virus protector. and still if it did people could sure blend (MORE)

What is a stick blender?

Immersion blenders, also called hand blenders or stick blenders, are long thin stand alone blenders that do not come with their own container that food is mixed in. Instead, a (MORE)

What is the difference between the magic bullet blender and a regular blender?

Regular blenders tend to be larger and bulkier than the Magic Bullet. The Magic Bullet is typically smaller and sleaker in design. In addition, it is usally sold as a "set" th (MORE)

Who is the inventor of blender?

Stephen J. Poplawski is credited with inventing the blender. Mr. Poplawski invented the blender in 1922. The original blender was used to make milk shakes and malts. Fred Wari (MORE)

What can you put in a blender?

Anything with a little bit of moisture can be used in a blender. Fruits are good to put in the blender. Drinks are a great thing to make in blenders (such as frozen drinks).
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What is a commercial blender?

Commercial blenders are high quality blenders that are normally used in restaurants and bars because they can handle the wear and tear that comes with high volume restaurants. (MORE)