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How do you use blender?

what helped me when i started using blender 3d is looking for videos on youtube. the most helpful videos are by super3boy blender tutorials. one quick thing i can help you w (MORE)

What does the blender do?

it squeezes and mix all things that you put inside it. You can find  some blender from China Twothousand Machinery. Commercial Immersion  Blenders - 530mm, Constant Speed, T (MORE)

Does blender have viruses?

if you mean blender 3D and you donwload from mirror the no it will not have a bug, i scanned it with a virus protector. and still if it did people could sure blend (MORE)

Do blenders have eyebrows?

Blenders is a mechanical device used to make milkshakes, smoothies, sauces, soups, baby food. It does not have eyebrows. However blenders do have kneecaps and many knobs.
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