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Why are there more colour blind boys than girls?

Color blindness is a genetic trait passed from one generation to another. It is carried on the X chromosome and males have an XY chromosome where females have an XX chromosoma (MORE)

What is fullerence?

IN 1985 graphite was heated by chemist to a very high temperature and new allotrope's carbon was made.THE molecules of these are spherical and 60 carbon atoms are joined toget (MORE)

Summary of the poem The Blind Boy?

The poem The Blind Boy written by Colley Ciber is a touching poem portraying the sufferings of a young boy who is blind from birth. The poem also depicts the blessings of the (MORE)
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Is it more common for girls or boys to be color blind?

Boys. The gene that causes the varying degrees of color blindness is recessive and must be present on the X Chromosome. Since boys have only one X Chromosome, it is more commo (MORE)

Do you have an analysis of the poem The Blind Boy?

I found the poem to be very poignant and thought-provoking. Poet is  definitely an optimist. Looks at life as a glass that is half full,  not half empty. Teaches us to be mi (MORE)

Summary of the blind boy?

There was a boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat. He held up a sign which said : "I am blind, please help. Once a man saw the sign, he notice that there were only few (MORE)

What is the summary of the poem the blind boy?

the boy was born blind that is why he sleeps at any time day or night he does not enjoy the sun but he can feel the suns heat on him he can know where anything is by using his (MORE)
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What are blinds?

Window blinds are those products used for covering windows. You can  control the amount of sunlight entering your indoors by using them.  To shop for window blinds, visit su (MORE)