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Why did Noah get drunk?

A: According to the Flood story in Genesis, one of the first things that Noah did after safely alighting on Mount Ararat was to become "the first to plant the vine" for winema (MORE)
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Do angels get drunk?

Angels are our guardians, therefore they do not drink because they  have been sent by the one and only God, to watch over us and keep  us safe, so by drinking they would not (MORE)
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Can an ant get drunk?

Uhhh, creepy question, but here is an answer: Many insects get drunk after eating parts of rotting flowers. One byproduct of the rot is alcohol, and this can sometimes be seen (MORE)
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How drunk will a 40oz get you?

40 oz of beer will get you pretty drunk. 40 oz of wine will get you drunk as a skunk. 40 oz of whiskey will probably kill you.
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Can chickens get drunk?

No animal that I know can get drunk. Unless your unruly freak, then you are a animal. And you can get drunk. ^Good answer. Seriously though most animals can get drunk, it's (MORE)

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What do you do when your sister is drunk?

You sit her down on the couch keep her sitting up , get her a glass of water and have her drink it , if she's feeling sick don't let her go to bed because i know it's going a (MORE)
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How do you get blindness?

By birth defects, or a very serious injury. Go to to get ways on how to be safe!
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Why am i an angry drunk?

Different people react in different ways to being drunk but if you think the way you are when you're drunk is abnormal or dangerous ect. you might want to talk to somebody, it (MORE)
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Can Plants get drunk?

I gave alcohol for my plant for 2days and they started to dehydrate. So, kind of.

What are blinds?

Window blinds are those products used for covering windows. You can  control the amount of sunlight entering your indoors by using them.  To shop for window blinds, visit su (MORE)