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Why is ignorance not bliss?

Because what you don't know is still real anyway, so if you are not aware of it, it can hurt you. Forewarned is forearmed. Unless you are driving the train, or can conta (MORE)

Why is ignorance bliss?

People say ignorance is bliss because the meaning of ignorance is to not have knowledge of something. Imagine a life where you had no knowledge of war, pain, suffering, hatred (MORE)

How to follow bliss?

To follow bliss, one needs to experience bliss. And the way to do this is to begin to meditate. One meditation technique is called Vipassana, and involves watching the breat (MORE)
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Who is blake bliss?

Blake Bliss is a Canadian musician on youtube. He does many things for people with depression through his videos. search him on youtube :)

Where can you watch Bliss?

Are you referring to the movie Finding Bliss? If so, you can watch it at the link below. Please note that you must complete a survey in order to watch it.
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Where is bliss?

bliss Hennessy aged 58, lives in west Sussex and is now a Canadian, she is knows for baking cakes along with her very large wedding dress making. recently she found out she (MORE)