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Is the blob fish cartilaginous?

No, the blobfish is in the group of fishes known as the bony fish  (superclass Osteichthyes), in the class Actinopterygii, known as  the ray fish. The other class in that su (MORE)
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What does the scientific word blob mean?

When an amino acid chain structure folds together and winds in and  out of each other.
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What do blob fish eat?

The blob fish feeds by just sitting in the water and waiting for something edible to come by. So technically the blob fish eats anything edible.
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How does blob in a bottle work?

how does it work: To begin, the oil stays above the water because the oil is lighter than the water or, more specifically, less dense than water. The oil and water do not mi (MORE)
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What is the blob fish population?

Blobfish are going strait down! they were populated in the 1950's but over the years bottom trawlers have been killnig them. The population now is about 500 of them off the co (MORE)

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What is a blob fish?

Not many people ever see a blob fish. That's because they live in very deep water, almost on the bottom of the ocean. To put it bluntly, blob fish are not very attractive. But (MORE)

What is blob in oracle?

  BLOB = (Binary Large OBject)   An Oracle BLOB data type that contains binary data with a maximum size of 4 gigabytes. This maps to an Array of type Byte.   See als (MORE)
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What colour are blob fish?

They are grey in there natural habitat but once they are taken out  of water they will turn pink.
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What is the adaptation of the blob fish?

The Blob Fish is mostly jelly which helps it live under the water at so much presser
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