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What was the Blockade at Boston?

After the Boston Tea Party, Great Britain punished Boston by completely stoping the flow of imported goods into Boston until they had payed for all the tea they had dumped int (MORE)

What rhymes with blockade?

aid, blade, braid, fade, frayed, glade, grade, maid, made, jade, laid, paid, played, prayed, shade, spade, sprayed, raid, stayed, strayed, weighed, trade, wade, suede, afraid, (MORE)
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What is blockade mean?

What Does Blockade mean When supplies are being prevented from reaching a country/ army. e.g. Britain used a naval blockade on Germany in ww2 to reduce supplies of oil in Ger (MORE)
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What is the berline blockade?

The Berlin Blockade is when the Soviet Unit blocked ground access to West Berlin. It was considered the first major international crises of the Cold War and took place between (MORE)
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What were blockade runners?

Private citizens who took the risk of invading the Union Blockade  for a chance of huge profits.