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What was the Berlin blockade?

It was a land blockade of Berlin patrolled by Soviet troops between the western zone of Germany and the city of Berlin
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What are blockade runners?

British private citizens.     Blockade runners were/are ships designed for clandestine tasks such  as running the blockade- a legal ban on ship traffic which is lai (MORE)

Where was the Berlin blockade?

  In the Berlin Blockade, the three Western sectors of Berlin were cut off from surface supplies from the West (and from the surrounding areas). It was in - or more precis (MORE)

What is the trade blockade?

there was a trade blockade during the Revolution and they blockaded Boston harbor meaning nothing could go in or out   or.........   a trade blockade is when a port or i (MORE)

What was the bum blockade?

They were checkpoints created on main highways (during the great depression) that tried to stop migrant workers from moving into their state.

What rhymes with blockade?

aid, blade, braid, fade, frayed, glade, grade, maid, made, jade, laid, paid, played, prayed, shade, spade, sprayed, raid, stayed, strayed, weighed, trade, wade, suede, afraid, (MORE)

What was blockade runing?

A good example of a blockade occurred during the Civil War.  The North knew that the South had limited resource, with almost no manufacturing plants and much of its land devo (MORE)