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What rhymes with blockade?

aid, blade, braid, fade, frayed, glade, grade, maid, made, jade, laid, paid, played, prayed, shade, spade, sprayed, raid, stayed, strayed, weighed, trade, wade, suede, afraid, (MORE)

What was the Blockade at Boston?

After the Boston Tea Party, Great Britain punished Boston by completely stoping the flow of imported goods into Boston until they had payed for all the tea they had dumped int (MORE)

What is the trade blockade?

there was a trade blockade during the Revolution and they blockaded Boston harbor meaning nothing could go in or out   or.........   a trade blockade is when a port or i (MORE)

What was the bum blockade?

They were checkpoints created on main highways (during the great depression) that tried to stop migrant workers from moving into their state.

What does blockade mean?

A NAVAL Blockade is to take ships and move them to a harbor, and they let nothing get in or out. Blockade is basically to trap, or close in.
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What led to the Berlin Blockade?

In 1948, the planned formation of West Germany from the British, French, and US occupation zones left Berlin, which was also divided, deep within the Soviet zone (this eventua (MORE)
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What is the berline blockade?

The Berlin Blockade is when the Soviet Unit blocked ground access to West Berlin. It was considered the first major international crises of the Cold War and took place between (MORE)