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Are blogs and blogging safe?

Yes.   Yes, if you share your thoughts, ideas, poems, pictures and just  generally have fun.   To begin blogging, you firstly need to create a safe site that may  no (MORE)

What are blogs about?

Blogs are basically small-sized websites that are store houses of information. It can be of any topic, any style or any language. They reflect the views of a particular person (MORE)

What is blog and how to write blog and how to resister it?

WHAT IS "BLOG"? "From "Web log." A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a (MORE)

How can you get a blog?

Getting a blog is a very simple process. Decide on the purpose of your blog - It may center around a specific topic or about everything under the sun. It may be for a busines (MORE)

What is a blog?

A blog is an information or discussion published on website or  World Wide Web,called as posts. Basically, the blog is referred as  everything thing where you can include ot (MORE)

What kinds of blogs are there?

Blogs types and topics range from celebrity news blogs, like, to personal blogs, like many of those found on and similar sites. Blogs really ar (MORE)

How can blogs be used?

Blogs can be used to share information such as photo's or write about updates on something such as a video game.

What can you do on a blog?

Its up to you what do you want to add in your blog. It depends upon  your requirement. There are some options available to add pictures,  videos, infographics, anchor text l (MORE)

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What is a blog header?

Blog header is a piece of blog usually located on the top of the page. It contains static information, preferably the name of the blog, URL and navigation panel. If you look o (MORE)

What is the layout of a blog?

The layout of a blog is basically the design. Your layout will determine where you place your posts (centered on the page, aligned on the left, etc), where you place your widg (MORE)