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What was Blondies first UK number 1 single?

Blondie's first UK number 1 single was called Heart of Glass. The  song was recorded in June, 1978 and was released on January 3,  1979.
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What is the chronological list of blondie and dagwood movies?

PILOT SHOW with Hal Leroy as Dagwood (all other episodes star Arthur Lake as Dagwood and Pamela Britton as Blondie) DAGWOOD THE MILLIONIARE TROUBLE WITH BIRDS HOUSE GUESTS (MORE)

Did Hitler and Blondi get buried together?

There is no easy answer to this question. They were originally partially cremated together, but the Soviets captured their remains. Years later Hitler's remains were cremated (MORE)

What is a caricature artist?

It is an artist that specializes in a certain type of cartoon called a "caricature". A caricature is a type of quickly drawn cartoon that humorously exaggerates the facial fea (MORE)

Why is rizal an artist?

There is no question that, apart from being a hero, a patriot, and writer, Jose Rizal was an artist of high caliber. In his lifetime, he produced no less than 110 works of art (MORE)
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Is Alpha Blondy Muslim?

yes he is ...the big thing show his islame is the song of ""sidi Allah ""
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Did blondie sing bette Davis eyes?

Blondie never sang bette Davis eyes. Kim Carnes was the singer of this song
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Why is Blondie the hero in The Good The Bad and The Ugly?

Because despite being an anti-hero blondie has a good heart. Like giving a cigar for the dying soldier to smoke and covering him up with his coat. The bad (angel eyes) kills a (MORE)
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What do you draw as an artist?

as an artist you draw with your imagination. sometimes artists would sit in a park ,countryside or anywhere and just draw what they see.Here are some things that artists often (MORE)