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Do pheasants roost?

  We raised pheasant chicks last year and released them in the fall. While we had them caged they had access to wooden beams in the top of their area. After they were abou (MORE)

Are pheasants carnivores?

Well yes, and no. They are in fact omnivores and will eat a wide variety of plant and animal food, such as fruit, seeds and leaves, as well as many different invertebrates. Sm (MORE)

Can pheasants fly?

Yes but only for short time because they are to tired to finish so they usually stop on trees
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What is a pheasant?

A pheasant is a type of bird. It orginates from Asia and the breed most well known is the 'ring neck' pheasant. These birds are very colorful, most have a brown to bronze colo (MORE)

Are pheasants endangered?

The ring-necked pheasant, the species that you commonly see throughout the U.S. (introduced from Asia), is not endangered. However many pheasant species throughout the world a (MORE)

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