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What is the color of the queens blotting paper?

I heard that The Queen uses black blotting paper in order that no one could read what she had written. I wrote to her to ascertain the veracity of this practice and received t ( Full Answer )
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What is southern blotting?

Southern Blotting Is a method used in molecular biology for thedetection of a specific DNA order in when testing DNA samples. Themethod was named after Edward M. Southern who ( Full Answer )
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Who is Disney's Blot?

Disney Pixar's Bolt is a dog who stars on a TV show in which he's a superhero and he thinks he has superpowers in reality.
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What is an asatru 'blot'?

The Asatru Blot is the most Common Ritual within Asatru. For a more in-depth understanding of the complete ritual; look up - Lewis Stead's Book of Shadows: Asatru Blot. xyr0x ( Full Answer )
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What is prehybridization in blotting?

a procedure used for the treatment of nitrocellulose or nylon membranes following Northern or Southern transfer and before the use of labelled nucleic acid probes to detect sp ( Full Answer )

Is western blot quantitative method?

Western blot can be semi-quantitative. This means that you cannot determine absolute protein levels, but you can detect differences between groups. For example, if you have 4 ( Full Answer )
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What is blotting and types of blotting?

Blotting is a technique of transferring DNA or RNA or Protein from a gel to the membrane. nitrocellulose, PVDF or nylon membrane are used to attach these molecules permanently ( Full Answer )
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What is the theory behind southern blotting?

Answer \n. \n Southern blotting is a technique used to determine if a cell contains a certain DNA sequence. It uses gel electrophoresis to separate DNA fragments by size an ( Full Answer )
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Can milk cause stomach blotting?

Yes, a friend of mine is intolerant / sensitive to certain foods and drinks which bloat her and milk is one of them, you can request a test for any sensitivities to foods you ( Full Answer )
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What is a zoo blot?

A zoo blot is a Southern blot applied to the DNA of more than onespecies, so as to compare them.