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What is an engine blow by?

Answer . the pistons and rings arnt sealing the combustion chamber enough and some gases "blow by" the sealing rings which presureises the crank. a symptom is somethimes t ( Full Answer )
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To how blow a battery?

All ya gotta do is unfold a paper clip, put it on a battery, and wait. Make sure it touches the top and bottom.
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Blow a load?

It means to have an orgasm and it usually refers to men having an orgasm.
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What do you do if you have a blow out?

Stay off the pedals, no brake, no gas pedal. Firmly grasp the wheel with both hands and steer to the shoulder of the road in short movements. Get as far off the road as you ca ( Full Answer )
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How do you get blowed?

Technically you don't need to do anything, it's pretty much all up to the girl. You might occasionally pull her hair or thrust into her mouth. But other than that, you dont re ( Full Answer )
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What can you blow?

To "blow" an object would include: . a horn . a trumpet . saxophone . bugle In slang "blow" can refer to: . "blow a kiss" - Making a kissing sound against your ha ( Full Answer )
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What is blow you out of the water?

"It will blow you out of the water" is a phrase used to express that you will be astounded. "It blew me out of the water" then would mean that I was astounded.
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How can you blow out headphones?

Headphones weren't meant to be blown out, so it is rather difficult to do so. Playing music at high volumes for long periods of time will gradually wear out and blow out the h ( Full Answer )
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Why do your veins blow?

Maybe because you ate too much cholesterol-inducing foods, clogging your arteries. OR, maybe you had a serious blood clot, either way, its not good...