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What happens if the olympic torch goes out?

"There is always a flame burning in a little cauldron, that has the flame from when they took it in greece, so if it goes out, theyll light it with that already burning flame. (MORE)

Does the Blackberry torch have a torch?

Should do! It has a flash on the back, and if it is anything like the iPhone you should be able (at the expense of hours worth of battery!) to be able to keep it on for a whil (MORE)

What s the olympic torch made from?

the Olympic torch is made from Aluminium Alloy with 8000 HOLES to represent the 8000 torch bearers.
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What is meant by CREE LED Torches?

  A CREE LED torch is like a normal battery powered torch, only using some newer features. The most important is the LED (Light Emitting Diode) invented by a American comp (MORE)

What is a propane torch?

Typicaly a propane torch is a pair of metal tubes with a brass or cast-iron head holding a copper tip and a base containing a levered valve with mixing cone. The base or handl (MORE)

What is a torch?

something thing that lights up so you can see where you are going in the dark. :)

What does the Olympic Torch represent?

The Olympic torch is a tradition continued from the Ancient Olympic  games. In ancient Olympia (Greece), a flame was ignited by the sun  and then kept burning until the clos (MORE)

Why is the olympic torch symbolic?

The ancient Greeks believed fire was given to man by Prometheus, and thought it had sacred qualities. Eternal flames burned in front of Greek temples, flames lit from rays of (MORE)

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