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How do you use Bludgeon in a sentence?

(noun) "The robber hit the store owner with a bludgeon and took his money." (verb) "Highwaymen would bludgeon one victim to discourage resistance by the others."
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What does bludgeoned mean?

bludg·eon. (bljn). n. A short heavy club, usually of wood, that is thicker or loaded at one end. tr.v. bludg·eoned , bludg·eon·ing , bludg·eons 1. To h (MORE)

What does bludgeoning mean?

Usually to beat someone with a heavy object or in the figurative sense, to bully or coerce someone into doing something.
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What is a sentence for the word bludgeon?

That knight had a cudgel in his hand. He had a plan to bludgeon his enemies with it.
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What is the meaning of bludgeoning in the invictus?

I think the word bludgeoning generally refers to all the trials and tribulations suffered by William Henley and specifically to his hospitalization with tuberculosis of the bo (MORE)

What is a bludgeoning weapon?

A bludgeoning weapon was intended to injure or kill by shock. If it was used properly, it would kill a person in heavy armor by concussion or breaking bones. A blow to a helme (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word bludgeon?

I pulled out my gun when I saw the man's rather large bludgeon. I was concerned that he might bludgeon me to death.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Bludgeon - 2013?

The cast of Bludgeon - 2013 includes: Lorin Dineen as Missing Girl L Brigid Flanagan as Missing Girl I Barbarann Garrard as Missing Girl H Ayse Howard as Missing Girl A Amy Ke (MORE)