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What is the blues?

  it is a soft and strong music which have many old singers which was started in the late 1800.   it is a soft and strong music which have many old singers which was st (MORE)

What are Blue Laws?

Blue laws have been part of U.S. Legal History since the colonial period. These laws, which today are usually referred to as Sunday closing laws, prohibit certain types of com (MORE)

How did the blue laws get there name?

"Blue nose" or "Blue noses" was an insulting term applied to people who wanted to regulate the lives of all society to their own standards (today we would say "control freak") (MORE)

What are laws?

Laws are the enforcible body of official rules and regulations,  established by people in authority who use them to govern the  affairs of people in a society. Sanctions are (MORE)

What does blue law mean?

Blue laws -known also as Sunday laws-are laws designed to  restrict or ban some or all Sunday activities for religious  standards, particularly the observance of a day of wo (MORE)

What are By-laws?

A bylaw is a law made by a local authority such as a district council. It only effects the local area that is directly concerned. It includes parking restrictions and activiti (MORE)

Does myrtle beach have blue laws?

Myrtle Beach has Sunday beer and wine sales for off-premise consumption, and beer, wine, and liquor sales for on-premise consumption. The same applies to Charleston County, Hi (MORE)

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